Mashreq Securities supports institutions from all the major industry sectors with trading

As a top ranked broker, we have consistently been able to complete large and complex trades for our clients. Our longstanding presence in the market and strong relationships with all counterparties including custodians, allows us to execute efficient, reliable and hassle-free trade settlements.

Execution of trading strategies

Ability to execute and settle difficult trades on illiquid names

Source large blocks for efficient execution

Experience to accommodate unusual trading volume while minimising number of failed trades

Timely reporting to enable trades to match in coordination with the custodian

Daily market views on the market

Variety of channels to transmit trades

Our team understands Institutional clients’ requirements beyond the basics.
Our dedicated desk treats all relationships with the utmost professionalism and confidentiality.
Mashreq provides you with a range of services including daily market updates, earning result summaries, trade flows, etc.

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